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Just as the name implies, my name is Oleg and I walk. In fact, no one has walked or done nearly as much video of my hometown Tiraspol or my country as myself. Most of you who’ve heard of my country (yes, we are an actual country) know it by the name “Transnistria” but the official name is Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic or PMR for short and my goal is to walk and vlog every street in the country! Please join me as we explore the streets, sites, and towns of our Republic. One step at a time!

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Walking in Stroenci (21 May) 2024

Walking in Stroenci

This is relaxing video walking tour began straightly on the mountain and at the Tower of Winds and then calm down by the trail till the small houses of natives at the mountain and passing through small forest, and by the road with an incredible view on too small almost river stream, some restaurants, and yet another houses on the this second road with which falling in the center of Stroenci, and then can see some shop, a little bit park with statue of foundation of village and walking if finishing behind of forest . The village Stroenci situating in...