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2023-09-28 Soviet mosaic Walking in Sucleia, Transnistria (28 September)

Walking in Sucleia (28 September)

Hello. This is a second walking in Sucleia, Transnistria after the end of August of 2021. Walking passing through all main streets of Sucleia with incredible views on mosaics, trees, some shops. Hope you like Sucleia village. ************************************************************ Please Like, Subscribe, and Share! Grab a cup of coffee, put on your walking shoes, and join...

Walking in Tiraspol (27 June) - Skate park coffee

Walking in Tiraspol (27 June)

It’s incredible, but today happened the most interesting filming. Walking pass through all downtown beginning in North Kirovsky district of Tiraspol at Северный/Severnyy/North shop and finishing on the beach. A beautiful mosaic as well! This video made possible by the help and support of: Alex Petrov Ernest Raft If you like my work and wish...