Walking in the monastery of Martha and Mary (Marta and Maria) in Hagimus, Moldova

monastery of Martha and Mary ( Moldova )

Hello. Yesterday 2 August with very big please show all of you this gorgeous place with truth, thoughts silence gives positive balance for soul, heart and body.
This monastery is situated near with wild forest. Near city of Hagimus, Moldova.
Distance to Bender city of Transnistria is 7 km.

The description from site

The Holy Myrrh-Bearing Women Martha and Mary Convent is located in a picturesque forest grove near the Hagimus village, Causeni district, Moldova, 75 km from Chisinau and 7 km from Bender city of Transnistria. It is a quiet place for prayer, reflection and retreat. Even though the monastery was founded recently, in 1997, it has become a cultural and orthodox center in the South-East of Moldova, visited by many pilgrims. It was founded by Bishop Dorimedont Cecan (1961 – 2006), being Archimandrite of Noul-Neamt monastery of Chitcani, inspired by the idea and advice of Theological Seminar’s Inspector Andrei Cotrutsa, at present, Father Andrew, Archimandrite and the spiritual confessor. At first, it was dependent on Chitcani monastery but became independent in 1998.

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